Antler Chandeliers and Furniture

At Crystal Farm, we’ve built our reputation on imaginative design and quality workmanship

High in the Rocky Mountains among the aspens, the pines, and the jagged peaks, roam the Colorado Mule Deer and the magnificent Elk. In the late summer and fall, these animals mate. During this mating season, the males do combat for superiority.

Their antlers are very much a part of this struggle. Here also the elk and deer forage for food and survival in the cold, harsh winters. The new fawns and calves are born in the spring. During these early spring months, the males shed their antlers by rubbing them against trees and brush. In the late spring and early summer, new antlers begin to appear. In the summer months, cowboys, hikers and senior citizens gather the shed antlers.

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Crystal Farm

Crystal Farm Antler Chandeliers and Furniture, was established in the early 1980’s and continues to be the original and leader in the antler field through its unique designs and continuing reputation for quality. Each piece bears our seal at the request of our clients.

Our pieces are sold world wide. The lighting can be wired to meet European standards.We hope that you enjoy the environment created for you by our products. It is important to us that you are happy with your selection. We are available for consultation on design and custom pieces.

All designs are the exclusive property of Crystal Farm who holds the appropriate trademark.