Antler Chandeliers and Furniture

Latigo, Wilderness and Safari Lamps

Latigo, Wilderness and Safari lamps, left to right.


Latigo Lamp

A single select White Tail Deer antler mounted on an antiqued brass base forms a simple medium sized table lamp. Shown with the optional 18” Rawhide Latigo shade.

6" base x 26"h (3-way socket) $750.00
18" Rawhide Latigo shade $475.00

Wilderness Lamp

A collection of select Mule Deer antlers and White Tail Deer antlers forms a standard size table lamp. Shown with Con Pache shade.

14" base x 27"h (3-way socket) $1,450.00
Con Pache shade 20"d (shown)$575.00
Belgian Linen shade 20"d $300.00

Safari Lamp

A pair of Mule Deer antlers is gathered around an antiqued brass base and rod creating a smaller table lamp. Shown with optional Victorian Leopard shade (discontinued).

8" base x 24"h (3-way socket) $750.00
Shown: Victorian Leopard shade –
** Recommend 15" Boar Suede $450.00

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