Antler Chandeliers and Furniture

Dresser Lamps

Left to right:
Etched Antler Lamp, Antler Beam Lamp, Mule Deer Antler Lamp, Mystery Lamp Base.


Etched Antler Lamp

Indian Art with cast brass base. 10"w x 18"h $750.00
Shown with a rustic rawhide shade. $350.00

Antler Beam Lamp

With cast brass base 4"w x 12"h $550.00
Shown with optional 6" Boar Suede shade $150.00

Mule Deer Antler Lamp

With cast brass base 10"w x 26"h $550.00
Shown with optional 10" Witch’s Hat shade $350.00

European Roe Deer Lamp

With cast brass base 8"w x 16"h $550.00
Shown: Victorian Leopard shade-Discontinued
The 8" Boar Suede shade suggested $195.00

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