Antler Chandeliers and Furniture

Gentry Sconces

Made with Fallow Deer and White Tail Deer antlers on a wood plaque, these sconces vary with the light configurations. The Discreet Gentry antler sconce on the left has one candelabrum light tucked behind the Fallow antler.


Grand Gentry
20"w x 10"d x 42"h 3 lights $2,700.00
14"w x 9"d x 28"h 2 lights $1,500.00
12"w x 6"d x 24"h 1 light $1,260.00
Discreet Gentry
12"w x 8"d x 22"h 1 light $1,140.00
Double Gentry
28"w x 10"d x 15"h 2 lights $1,500.00
4"Mouton shade $35.00
4" Black linen/gold shade $35.00

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